First Visit

First Visit – What To Expect

We’re glad that you’ve decided to take the next step and meet with one of our counselor at Groff & Associates. If you’re like most people, you’re a little nervous anticipating what to expect on your first visit. We desire for you to feel comfortable in finding our location and with the process, so here is information to assist you in preparing for your first visit:

Setting Up Your Initial Appointment

Please call our Business Office (317-474-6448 ext. 102) during regular business hours and our office staff will be happy to assist you with setting up an appointment.

Office Location

Our building is located west of Hague Road on 86th Street, just north of Community North Hospital.

What do I bring with me?

We encourage you to fill out our intake forms prior to coming in. Please print out and bring with you. If you aren’t able to bring the completed forms with you, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to fill out paperwork. If possible, please bring your primary and secondary insurance card, either prior to or on the first visit, if you plan on filing with your insurance company.  It also helps if you bring information about any prescriptions that you are currently or have recently taken.

In the Lobby

We have complimentary water and Wi-Fi available. If you need the restroom, please reach out to any available office staff or counselor.

Session Fee and Insurance

If you are going to see a licensed counselor and your insurance carrier applies with us, we will follow up with your insurance company to let you know what your benefits are and what session fee will be required at time of service.

If your insurance carrier doesn’t apply with us, then you will be required to pay the full session fee at the time of service, and if applicable, we can file with some insurance companies as an out of network provider.  We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, Healthy Indiana Plan, Healthcare Marketplace Plans, and Tri-Care insurance plans.

Please make sure you bring your primary and secondary insurance card either prior to or on your first visit so we can verify the insurance benefit and policy information. As well as, we need all required paperwork with your birth date and your signed consent in order to verify your insurance benefit and policy information.

We also have counselors who are not yet licensed in the state of Indiana and can take any client at a reduced session fee. Please let the office staff know if you would like information about our sliding fee scale.

What will my therapist likely cover in the first session?

  1. Go over the intake paperwork and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Review basic protocols for confidentiality, scheduling appointments, etc.
  3. Find out why you are seeking therapy.
  4. Ask about your personal history and current situation.
  5. Ask about any current symptoms you may be experiencing.

You counselor will use this information to try to understand your issues and will do their best to get to know you as quickly as possible. Please understand that it often takes 2-3 sessions before you and your therapist have a comfortable connection and working relationship.

Please ask questions!

The more you understand the counseling experience and how counseling works, the more comfortable you’ll be. Please ask questions about the process, and don’t hesitate to ask the counselor to repeat anything you don’t understand.