Chris Erotas

What is your strongest talent or gift?

Hospitality, I have never met a stranger.

Favorite season of the year: summer, fall, winter, spring?

Spring most definitely. I love the smell of spring, especially the scent of freshly cut grass, hay, or a spring rain shower.

What is your favorite place to travel (realistically) and what is your dream travel?

My favorite travel destination is in the mountains of Colorado during the winter time for skiing. My dream travel is to live in a hut on the beach in Hawaii for a month, or possibly longer!

Favorite home cooked meal? Favorite Grab-n-Go meal?

Anything that involves pie, chicken pot pie, pizza pie, or pie for dessert. Pie represents love, being with family, and laughing while sitting around a table. Favorite Grab-n-Go meal is most likely Panera that includes their tomato soup and salad/flatbread.

Most unique thing you’ve ever done or are doing?

I will go out of my way to ski, meaning like driving a day and I will ski by myself if no one is available. I spend time grooming a horse at times just to smell him and to be able to absorb his lovely energy. I still play my flute for fun. I still want to be a bartender-therapist-comedian-evangelist that invites my patrons to eat home-made pie and drink coffee before they leave.

What makes you laugh?

Anything humor. I love comedy and creating fun moments. I am always willing to offer up great reasons to laugh at myself.

What is your most courageous moment?

Making a life change that would require much energy, courage, and endurance that would be painful. Probably going back to school was one of the most recent events that required stepping out of my comfort zone in a huge way. God is always there for me.

Who has helped shape your faith and how?

God has shaped my faith number one. Several of my close spiritual buddies have shaped my faith in modeling God’s love and trust in Him over the years. My Grandma Dorothy was an early guiding light as well.

What makes Groff & Associates different?

Groff & Associates is such a loving and caring environment that encourages and nourishes individuals to grow at their own pace. Holistic health is embraced and allows for one’s appreciation of God’s desire to see us discover purpose and to live with intention and joy. Plus, everyone is such fun here!

Chris Erotas

About Chris Erotas

Christine has a diverse background and built strong relationships in nursing, education, and family coaching. She enjoys offering individual and group support like: promoting health in whatever phase you are in, wellness, parenting, and working with individuals affected by trauma and dealing with ambiguous loss. She enjoys discovering opportunities to appreciate life’s moments and loves being with family, friends, and hanging outdoors.

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