Recovery from an eating disorder is multi-faceted and requires various tools to help each client make new choices along the way. Of course, a very important part of the recovery process is learning to eat again in an enjoyable and nourishing manner. The thoughts that surround food choices and eating are often overwhelming and impact a person’s ability to eat or not to eat. I have asked some of my clients what new food thoughts have helped them to make choices that align with their desire for recovery.

Below are some of what they shared:

  • “One day of eating higher calorie foods is not going to undo months of making choices that feel good for my body.”
  • “Telling myself I can have any food that I want. Then asking myself what am I hungry for in this moment?”
  • “Making all food available has helped me to make more informed choices about what I am going to eat. I can think about what I want to eat based on what sounds good to me in that moment and how food is going to make me feel.”
  • “Food’s job is to nourish my body and leave me feeling physically satisfied. It will not solve my marriage problems or help me get along better with my colleagues.”
  • “Giving myself permission to eat snacks throughout the day rather than waiting for the next meal and feeling overly hungry.”
  • “Sometimes I eat because I am stressed. Just being able to name what I am doing helps me not beat myself up, which often then lead to the next binge.”
Emily Paxton

About Emily Paxton

Emily Paxton has been at Groff and Associates since 2013. She specializes in eating disorders, body image issues, and gaining work/like balance. In her free-time, she enjoys travel, taking her dog on hikes, reading mystery novels and serving in her church.

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