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Eating when you are feeling physically hungry is important to do, yet many people have trained themselves to ignore their physical hunger cues. Below is a list of physical hunger cues. Think about which hunger cues you experience, or have experienced in the past if you are no longer aware of your cues. Begin to listen to your hunger cues and give yourself permission to eat when you notice these cues.

Physical Hunger Signals

Growling Stomach

Physical Weakness

Emptiness in stomach






Assessing your physical hunger and fullness levels can be a guide of when to eat and when to stop eating. It is suggested to eat when you notice your hunger level at a 3 and to stop eating when your fullness level is at a 6/7. Waiting until your hunger level is at a 1 can lead to overeating and/or making food choices that are not as physically satisfying for your body. Think about the last time you waited to eat until you felt like you were starving; what food choices did you make and how did your body feel afterward?

Hunger Continuum Scale

  1. Starving
  2. Very Hungry
  3. Hungry
  4. Somewhat Hungry
  5. Not Hungry/Not Full
  6. Somewhat Full
  7. Full
  8. Very Full
  9. Stuffed
Emily Paxton

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Emily Paxton has been at Groff and Associates since 2013. She specializes in eating disorders, body image issues, and gaining work/like balance. In her free-time, she enjoys travel, taking her dog on hikes, reading mystery novels and serving in her church.

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